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Ottawa Shooting is A Big Lie

Ottawa Shootings: the New World Order Lie Machine Comes to Canada
Saturday October 25th,2014.

The Official Story
We are told that on Wednesday October 22nd, a disenchanted Muslim convert with a history of petty criminality launched a “lone wolf” terrorist attack on the Canadian capital Ottawa.
The man named as Michael Zehaf Bibeau is said to have begun by attacking a soldier named Corporal Nathan Cirillo who was on sentry duty at the Ottawa cenotaph (National War Memorial). The attacker is supposed to have shot Corporal Cirillo at least twice, (Barbera Winters states that two people were compressing one wound each) ) using a 30-30 Winchester Rifle before returning to his car, driving towards the Parliament nearby. Bibeau Zehaf then abandoned his car, ran up to another vehicle and seized this vehicle which he drove close to the Parliament, excited car number 2, ran into the Middle Section of the Parliament building, apparently pausing to shoot a security guard in the foot, where the Sergeant at Arms and former Parliamentary Security Chief Kevin Vickers shot him to death.
The incident came only two days after another incident involving Canadian soldiers and a purported jihadist terrorist. On Monday, another Muslim convert was killed by police after supposedly attacking two soldiers with a motor vehicle killing one of them.

A Motive Rich Environment
When Parliament resumed on Thursday the newly minted “hero” Kevin Vickers and the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper were greeted with a rapturous response.
These incidents mark the first acts of violence attributed to supposed “Islamic extremists” in Canadian history, although the police have apparently disrupted earlier jihadist plots, with the
“Toronto 18” plot of 2006 the most obvious example.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_Ontario_terrorism_plot
The attacks came at an interesting time in Canadian politics, with n small contingent recently sent to attack the IS group in Iraq and the Parliament preparing to debate new “Security” legislation that would grant unprecedented powers to Canadian Law Enforcement and Security agencies.

All the supposed “Islamic terror” attacks in the West were either conducted entirely by Western Intelligence (September 11 and the London bombings) or with their complicity and augmentation. (World Trade Cntre 1993, Oklahoma City, Bali 2002) To see an “authentic” terror attack in the West would be a radical break fron the recent historical pattern of anti Western terrorism in the West.
Whilst at face value the Ottawa shooting story may seem relatively plausible, given that the self starting “lone wolf” terrorist only managed to kill one person, the fact is that each and every terror attack conducted under the banner of the supposed “Islamic Jihad” has been conducted under the supervision of Western intelligence agencies. This includes massive attacks such as the September 11th event, conducted entirely by Westerners, to petty events such as the failed “crotch bomber' and the “Times Square bomber” who simply placed flammable items into a car and set them alight.
The fact that the event in Ottawa did not cause mass casualties therefore does not indicate it's authenticity as a real terrorist attack conducted by a real terrorist.
Scrutiny of the footage and a critical examination of the media coverage of the Ottawa event indicate that the Ottawa shooting incident was a manufactured event, a psychological operation conducted against the people of Canada against the west, a classic utilisation of the “Problem, reaction Solution” formula designed to achieve the goals of the Canadian political elite and their New World Order handlers at the expense of the truth and the freedom of the Canadian people.
There appears to be a high likelihood that the Ottawa event is another from the Boston, sandy Hook school of false flags, where the entire event is concocted. I am extremely confident that the “terrorist” did not murder Corporal Nathan Cirillo, that was a lie. It does remain possible that the killing of the “terrorist/patsy” was authentic.
If we look back at the Boston bombing hoax, there was one very real element of the violence, the violence the State meted out against the supposed perpetrators was very real. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was alive and in custody and the police really murdered him. An eyewitness stated that the police drove repeatedly over the elder Tsarnaev's body, The deaths of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his friend Ibragim Todashev (shot to death in FBI custody no less) are both very real as indicated by the photos of their corpses. The Ottawa incident may have ended in the death of Mr. Bibeau Zehaf, it did not begin with the shooting of Corporal Cirillo, that was faked. This is obviously an event entirely stage managed and controlled by the Canadian Security Services and their Law Enforcement colleagues before a pre-positioned and waiting media.

The Problem with the Gunman Mr. Zehaf-Bibeau.
There is a welter of footage that depicts Mr. Bibeau, we see him return to his vehicle after the supposed “Cenotaph attack” on Corporal Cirillo. We see him leave his car and run across towards the Parliament. We see him park this car and run into the Parliament building. We do not see him fire his weapon, nor do we even see him brandish it in a threatening way. We see a guy running round with a gun. He doesn't carry the gun with any intent and he does not fire it.
We are told the gunman is a terrorist engaged in a suicidal mission. This is one, only and final chance to “even the score with the infidel” Yet he apparently makes no attempt to attack the second soldier stationed at the Cenotaph. Indeed we know that the ceremonial soldiers deployed at the Cenotaph were in pairs.


Yet we have never heard a word about the other soldier stationed there. His identity, response and how he avoided the terrorist gunman all remain oblique. There is no photograph that even shows another soldier on the scene, and the “suicidal gunman's” failure to target the other soldier makes no sense at all.


The Corporal Nathan Cirillo killing scene, please note the police tape has been put up and the complete lack of blood.
The Killing of Corporal Cirillo appears to be a work of fiction.
The first thing that I would like to know is whereabouts in his body Corporal Cirillo was shot? The individual who performed mouth to mouth resuscitation upon him Lawyer Barbera Winters claimed he was shot twice. I cannot see any evidence that he was shot at all, and much that should be there is not.

[caption id="attachment_282" align="alignnone" width="745"]vlcsnap-2014-10-23-20h02m59s177 Please note the pristine white glove.[/caption]

He was shot and he died. Therefore, he must have either been shot in the head or torso, or bled to death. Blood-loss is the only viable cause of death of being shot in the leg, right? The legs are not essential to human survival like the brain or the heart.
Please note the pristine white gloves and the complete lack of blood.

It is clear that Corporal Cirillo was not shot in the head. It is also hard to see any signs of a wound to his torso and all in all, the pristine white state of his gloves indicates he was not shot in the torso and tells us that this event was manufactured by the team from Lies central whoever they may be.
Attack Conforms to Scenario Envisaged by Security Forces.
This is Boston redux in Canada, and the Quebec incident must come under severe scepticism also. Especially given the fact that a CBC Senior Correspondent

Adrienne Arsenault tells us (via Aangirfan) that the Canadian Security Services recently ran a “war game scenario” that involved an initial attack in Quebec followed two days later by an incident elsewhere in Canada.
Please remember that this is a nation with no history whatsoever of jihadist terrorism and suddenly we have two attacks that conform to a script that was part of a “war game” to “test:” the capabilities of the Security Services just as the Government is about to bring new Security Laws granting unprecedented powers to the same Security Services before the Parliament.. How absolutely extraordinary. How farcical. Oh and it all happened just as they upped the “terror threat level” from low to moderate.
Another odd thing about the “terrorist killer' on a suicide mission was that he made no attempt to fire upon or harm any of the civilians he encountered. This is odd but could be reasoned away. (He had decided only to attack Security forces).
But if we accept that, what are we to make of the fact that when attempting to enter the Middle Section of the Parliament building, the supposed terrorist killer on a suicide mission was confronted by a Security guard, whom he supposedly shot in the foot.
That all pales somewhat into insignificance when we look at the two films shot by the Canadian media from the final incident in the Middle Section that saw the death of the purported gunman.
The gunman commandeers a vehicle, (careful not to harm the occupant) drives the vehicle to the Parliament complex. He is being closely pursued by Police


vlcsnap-2014-10-25-18h01m27s75The gunman enters the Centre block of Parliament pursued by Police. The incident is just developing and has been ongoing for no more than several minutes. So it seems more than a little odd that the Canadian media were assembled in the Centre Block, they were there before the Police arrived. Multiple camera crews.
The first police arrive at the Centre block Hallway under the eyes of a waiting and prepositioned media scrum.
These are the first police to arrive in the Centre block in pursuit of the Gunman, yet the media team were already there in numbers. Not only the camera filming what we see, but several others.
News teams were lined up in the alcoves waiting for the event to take place.

[caption id="attachment_290" align="alignnone" width="762"]The police arriving, the media waiting. Hmm. The police arriving, the media waiting. Hmm.[/caption]


Waiting Media are clearly visible.

How on earth is it possible that this unprecedented event suddenly occurred and at least three media teams were waiting in exactly the right place to film the climax of the operation and they arrived before the police. It almost seems intentionally insulting the way they do things. It was also interesting that during this video.
Ottawa Shooting_ New Footage of Gun Fight (mirrored from Free radio Revolution as it wouldn't embed)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOY14fGqQY8&w=560&h=315]
at the 32 second mark one of the waiting media personnel appears to mutter “this is fake”. The media are in place for more than a minute before the police even arrive.
It;s transparent nonsense. The latest installment of grotesque street theatre from the men and woman of the House of Big Lies.
The Corporal appears not to have been murdered at the Cenotaph, whether the gunman himself died is completely unclear. He may well have been genuinely killed, he may well have not been killed.
What we have seen is clearly simply a large scale complex drill parlayed into a big lie Psyop.
If the details of the drill are uncovered I am confident that they will show that the scenario involved a shooter in the parliament, the Cenotaph killing, along with a mall incident (apparently abandoned mid-operation) and a sniper perched on a high rise building. The scenario may also have included a gunman inside the Post Office as a member of the Military police was televised dragging a “suspect” from the Post Office afetr it was evacuated.
As far as the Rideau Centre Mall. I have a serving member of the Ottawa police force on CNN stating that there was an incident there, he offers solid and total confirmation, but states that there were no injuries. So what happened there and why has it been completely edited out ever since.
Constable Mark Susse”(spelt phonetically his name is spoken not spelled by CNN) “We have had three shootings.. one near the Rideau Centre.. We can confirm that there were three shooting incidents..no-one was hurt. “
Canada Shooting Ottawa Canada Parliament Shooting Soldier shot in Ottawa at War Memorial
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrvBmWHW6Pc&w=560&h=315]
I would suggest that the correct response to this rather despicable little Psy op would be for the people of Canada to resist each and every new Security proposal proposed by this Government, who are clearly completely cynical and untrustworthy emissaries and servants of the New World Order This lie should destroy the Harper Government, and destroy all trust in the Canadian media forever. How do you describe those who smile and lie in the service of tyranny and mind control? Wicked.

James Robertson.

Say Hello to Joko Widodo-Indonesia Under New Leadership.

Say Hello to Joko Widodo
October 23rd, 2014.

Indonesia today

[caption id="attachment_254" align="alignnone" width="300"]1645996 Flag of the Republic of Indonesia[/caption]

An obviously likeable person, but then so was Barry O.

Joko Widodo, popularly known as Jokowi was sworn in as the President of Indonesia on Monday October 19th 2014.Jokowi is the seventh Indonesian President since the final eviction of the Dutch colonialists in December 1949. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indonesia. Although independence had actually been declared in August 1945, Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous nation with an estimated population of just over 250 million people exceeded by only China, India and the USA. According to the CIA fact-book, Indonesia comprises an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands, of which approximately 6,000 are populated. More than half the Indonesian people live on the island of Java (57%) and more than 80% of the population are Muslim, but the population is an incredibly intricate and diverse tapestry of different ethnic and cultural groups, the CIA fact-book states that more than 700 languages are spoken across Indonesia.
In terms of human and social development, Indonesia seems to have passed through the most difficult stages of development and appears to stand at the edge of tremendous growth and prosperity if the growth can be managed responsibly and with an eye on the long term. The CIA fact-book states that literacy is above 90% for both sexes that almost all the urban population has access to “improved” drinking water, but this falls to only three quarters in rural areas.
Who is Jokowi?
Jokowi is the populist and apparently incorruptible Governor of Jakarta, former mayor of Surakarta.
Prior to entering Politics Jokowi studied and ran small businesses with mixed success. As a politician he has clearly been a resounding success and as the leading figure in the Indonesian Democratic party Struggle. He belongs to the populist tradition in Indonesia, a faction that has essentially been engaged in a power struggle against the Indonesian Military (TNI) since the nation's foundation. This is a power struggle that has been dominated by the Military faction, General Suharto ruled Indonesia for more than 30 years after ascending to power in a CIA approved military coup in 1965.
The thing that really sticks out regarding Jokowi's background is that unlike so many of his predecessors and indeed his Presidential electoral rival Praboyo Subianto, he has never lived overseas as far as I can tell. He has not been “inducted”: into the mindset of the Western elite. He is completely lacking in the Oxford sojourn, the visiting fellowship at the Brookings Institute, the study at the Royal United Forces Institute. The IMF posting. You get the idea.

Predecessors and rivals. A Stark Contrast.

[caption id="attachment_256" align="alignnone" width="731"]The Departing President SBY The Departing President SBY[/caption]

By way of contrast, Jokowi's predecessor Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono managed two stints of military training in the United States. In 1975 he attended Fort Benning,and took the Airborne and Rangers course, he returned in 1981-82, and took the “ Infantry Officer Advanced Course at Fort Benning and in training with the 82nd Airborne Division. also spent time in Panama and went through the jungle warfare school. “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susilo_Bambang_Yudhoyono
Jokowi's electoral rival Praboyo had a similar experience, Praboyo attended the Advanced Infantry Officers Course at Fort Benning in the southern US state of Georgia in 1985.

[caption id="attachment_257" align="alignnone" width="691"]The Defeated Candidate Prabowo. His history is more than a little sinsiter. Will his backers seek revenge? The Defeated Candidate Prabowo. His history is more than a little sinsiter. Will his backers seek revenge?[/caption]

The very candidacy of Praboyo was in fact something of an insult to the Indonesian people and a potent symbol of the power exerted today by the worst elements of the former Suharto military regime.
Praboyo appears to have been Suharto's most ruthless and violent henchman “disappearing” Democratic activists sometimes and on other occasions simply murdering activists as a warning to others. While many Indonesians may prefer to excuse or ignore the criminal excesses of the TNI during their Occupation of East Timor, Praboyo's crimes were committed against any and all who threatened the Security of the State, most of the crimes he oversaw were in East Timor, but the same wicked tactics were used against peaceful Javanese activists right up until Suharto's May 1998 fall from power Praboyo was trying to stem the tide of Democracy by imprisoning people and murdering them after having tortured them. “Troops under Prabowo's command kidnapped and tortured at least nine democracy activists in the months before the May 1998 Riots” and were “also suspected of organising the 1997–98 activists kidnappings in Indonesia of another 13 activists (who all remain "missing") between February 1997 and May 1998 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prabowo and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1997%E2%80%9398_activists_kidnappings_in_Indonesia
The Praboyo candidacy almost appears as though the “TNI faction” chose the candidate with the most criminal history because if he won, he'd have even more to lose from any loss of the immunity of the military.
the Jakarta Post and the Guardian-Divergent Views of Corruption
Commenting on Yudhoyono's legacy Margareth S. Aritonang writing in the Jakarta Post of October 20th, 2014 stated
“ During his 10 years leading the government, outgoing President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has developed the Indonesian Military (TNI) by increasing its budget and endorsing regulations that strengthen its authority, but has done nothing to make sure the military becomes more accountable to higher powers.

“Yudhoyono’s lack of concrete action to reform the TNI has protected the institution from law enforcement efforts, nurtured its culture of impunity and, in contrast to other state institutions, left it untouched by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).”

“Unlike his obvious attempt to improve the TNI through soaring funding that reached Rp 95 trillion (US$78.4 billion) in the proposed 2015 state budget, the largest amount given to any state institution, Yudhoyono had apparently ignored plans to amend the 1997 Law on Military Tribunals throughout his leadership terms. “

“Critics believe that the amendment would lay the foundation for a progressive change within the TNI as it would allow external oversight to enforce accountability and transparency.”

“Nothing was heard of the fate of the amendment until today, although reports of soldiers committing crimes continued to touch the nerves of the Indonesian public, especially last year when 12 members of the Army’s Special Forces (Kopassus) brutally murdered four detainees at the Cebongan Penitentiary in Yogyakarta.”

“As long as the 1997 military tribunals law remains intact, the TNI will be able to keep dealing with the misconduct of soldiers as an internal affair.”

“Reform within the military institution will never take place as long as the [military tribunals] law is maintained,” Wahyudi Djafar from the Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy (ELSAM) said recently.

“A lack of control over the TNI’s enormous power will enable soldiers to take excessive measures in the name of state security,” he emphasised.

From this I think that it can be concluded that President Yudhoyono was rather reluctant to encroach on his former Military colleagues or take any actions against their wishes. This is a very perilous issue for Jokowi, if he displeases the TNI with reforms that make the military legally accountable, there is a strong likelihood that “rogue elements” of the Indonesian military will seek to destabilise the nation and the Jokowi leadership by engaging in a campaign of “synthetic terrorism,” and/or igniting sectarian violence in one of the many socially vulnerable areas of the vast and tremendously diverse nation.

The Guardian’s Simon Tisdall described Jokowi as “a political outsider determined to confront the moneyed, self-serving ruling elites of the nation’s capital “ the comment on corruption that follows is telling. “a country where corruption is said to be rife.” But the Guardian has not apparently been able to determine the veracity of these allegations at this point in time. They have heard the rumours but they are not yet sure!
The contrast between the honesty of the Jakarta Post as opposed to the obfuscation of the Guardian tends to indicate two obvious things.
1. The Indonesian people are sick of Corruption and Malfeasance on the part of public officials. The Military are still somewhat above the law and are apparently unwilling to be accountable to public officials or for public monies. (Jakarta Post)
“ exempted military personnel from being investigated by the KPK (National Corruption Commission) over any alleged misuse of the huge amount of state money granted to the organisation. In 2012, the Defense Ministry was in the spotlight over alleged irregularities in the $470 million procurement of six Russian-made Sukhoi Su-30MKK fighter planes that might have caused $50 million in losses to the state, an allegation quickly denied by the government.”
2. Western elites, are perfectly happy with corrupt military rule in Indonesia and the consequences faced by the Indonesian people are simply irrelevant.

President Jokowi will face a number of pressures from numerous power groups, both locally and internationally

Economic Reform-the Fuel Subsidy is Very Controversial.
Several Jokowi aides have indicated that one of the first Economic reforms President Jokowi intends to implement is to cut the government fuel subsidy which some describe as expending at least 14% and as much as 25% subsiding the lifestyles of the middle class. Joko claims that he plans to divert the savings gained by cutting the subsidy to Health and Education services and also towards improved infrastructure. Jokowi aides have criticised the outgoing President Yudhoyono failure to implement this reform. Will Hickey writing in the Jakarta Post this February had a different view of the issue. writing
“all Indonesian economic activities, from cheap discount flights to Bali, to buses, trucks and cars on the Jasa Marga toll roads to the gridlock in Sudirman and Blok M, to ojek (motorcycle taxis), to container ports in Surabaya and the electricity generated by the state power monopoly PT PLN, are predicated on the availability and low costs of subsidised fuels.

“Unfortunately, all subsidy reform to date — as studies by the likes of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) show — has only discussed a strategy for raising prices on the consumer.

“A 2012 updated International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) study titled A Citizens’ Guide to Energy Subsidies in Indonesia, mentions a problem with hidden producer subsidies (such as tax incentives, investment credits and domestic market obligations), but goes on to mostly indict the consumer as the largest culprit.

“The study does acknowledge that hidden producer subsidies are just too difficult to pursue. So that is the entire strategy: Ignore deeper issues and stick it to the consumer as “the rich” may benefit unjustly. “ ominously Mr Hickey notes that “No one is willing to take a heavy hand with the fuel subsidy issue before the election, but the markets will force them to do so after. “ The enthusiasm for this reform or these cuts is very strong amongst the Western Financial Papers, and we can assume that the objections to the subsidy from the likes of the Wall Street Journal (http://online.wsj.com/articles/new-indonesia-leader-looks-to-tackle-fuel-subsidies-1413793138) and Bloomberg (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-08-28/widodo-committed-to-reducing-indonesia-fuel-subsidy-after-rebuff.html) are not borne out of their concern for the car-less Indonesian working class or anything similar. It doesn't fit the models they proscribe.
Regardless of the merits of this change, the Widodo government is likely to face harsh judgement and coercion from the Bankers if they fail to cut the subsidy, and will probably face demonstrations and much internal anger if they go ahead. Jokowi's ability to work with these divergent interests without alienating either group will probably be his first major challenge.

International Relations. A Likely Secondary Priority.
Despite the thirty year stint under a CIA strongman, Indonesia is a founding member of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM), the major challenge of the Jokowi government will be similar to the challenge facing Australia and many other regional nations. The challenge is to manage China's ascent and the United States relative decline in as non-violent way as possible. It is not in the Indonesian interest that US China rivalry be allowed to descend into armed clashes of any kind.
There is little doubt that in International relations the Jokowi government will opt for moderate and conciliatory policies that seek to minimise conflict between nations. The foreign policy is likely to be business as usual, with other policy areas having precedence.
Everyone knows what Indonesia needs.
Indonesia 's needs and the needs of the Indonesian people are the same as anywhere else. Indonesia needs development and stability and the curtailment of political and military corruption will strengthen the state immeasurably. Indeed, rogue military elements, far from being the “protectors of the nation” represent the only real threat to the Indonesian state's stability and development along with their Western Intelligence allies. .
It is one thing for an individual such as Jokowi to be “clean” but ensuring that entrenched systemic corruption is addressed may well be beyond President Jokowi's reach. Ultimately President Jokowi will be judged on his ability to represent the interests of the Indonesian people in the face of the threats and demands of Western Neo-Liberals and the entrenched corrupt Indonesian power elite whilst maintaining peace and stability. We should all wish him well.
James Robertson. .

the Death of Abdul Numan Haider :Teen Jihadist killed by Police After Alleged Knife Attack

[caption id="attachment_226" align="alignnone" width="584"]The schoolboy Abdul Numan Haider The schoolboy Abdul Numan Haider[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_227" align="alignnone" width="650"]Abdul Numan Haider Pretending to be a Jihadist fighter in Suburban Melbourne. Abdul Numan Haider Pretending to be a Jihadist fighter in Suburban Melbourne.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_223" align="alignnone" width="692"]Endeavour Hills Police Station Endeavor Hills Police Station[/caption]

Thursday Spetember 25th.
Naive 18 year old shot by Police marks first local “War on terror” death. A grim milestone and a family tragedy.
Police claim two officers were attacked by Abdul Numan Haider, 18 with a knife, before police shot the young man outside a police station.
Tuesday September 23rd saw the first Jihadist terrorism related death ever to occur in Australia after a naive 18 year old named Abdul Numan Haider was shot by a Victorian police officer after having apparently/allegedly stabbed two police officers.
The deadly encounter took place outside the Endeavour Hills police station in Melbourne's East. Police had requested an interview with Mr. Haider apparently due to his recent brandishing of an IS flag at a shopping centre and posting online a photo of himself wearing a mask brandishing the IS type flag. Although given the mask it could be anyone.
According to the police this mild interest in Mr. Hider led them to attend Mr. Haider’s residence on Tuesday, during the day, Mr. Haider was not home, but they entered and had a look around. Mr Haider was contacted by phone and requested to attend Endeavour Hills police station for a chat.
According to the media, Mr. Haider was agitated prior to attendance at the police station, he was angry and his parents urged him not to go, he drove his vehicle, (a Brown Tarago) parked it at the Child Care centre across the road from the Police station . Haider is then supposed to have phoned the police and requested to meet outside the station. They agreed. The Victorian police officer held his hand out and Haider produced a knife apparently, stabbed the Victorian police officer in the arm before launching into a violent knife attack on the Australian federal Police Officer, stabbing him we are told in the head and chest, before the Victorian police officer produced a fire arm and shot Mr. Haider to death. That was the story until this morning the police began to mention that someone else may have been in attendance, some sort of handler.
The Victorian police officer appears to have been lightly wounded, the AFP officer appears to have been wounded seriously and has been described as being in a stable condition. I hate to be melodramatic and buy into the psyop but, it seems that we are on the edge of a precipice and we need this deeply unfortunate chain of events to end with this single tragic death.
Obviously, Western nations have done a lot of evil things in the Middle East over the pat decade. If you would look at the details of September 11th and other terrorist atrocities, you would understand that these crimes were fake terrorism, augmented by and sometimes conducted solely by Westerners, in order to justify the Wars and t w polkice state measures.. So if you want to oppose the Wars, the last thing you would ever do if you thought about it would be to take actions that actually add to the justifications for the wars. You don't fight evil with evil.
Nothing will be achieved by any violent attack in Australia, whether against civilians police or military targets. Australia has little influence anyway, but the actions would only feed Islamophobia and social division and achieve nothing but more support for the wars.
Last weeks raids did seem a little over the top, but ultimately one person was slightly hurt after a police officer punched him in the face. It was hardly a major crime demanding retribution. It is as if we are slipping into an unpleasant twilight zone, a parallel world of madness, ignorance and paranoia. Hopefully they can get their new police state measures, nothing else will happen and we can move on. AFL Grand Final week has been totally blighted by the ongoing threat hype and fear mongering. According to News Limited paper the Daily Telegraph imminent attacks are planned against numerous targets. Police admit the capacity is not there. The media persist.
James Robertson.

The Penny Begins to Drop

IS:the Penny Begins to Drop
September 10th, 2014.

[caption id="attachment_157" align="alignnone" width="300"]IS The Official Enemy IS The Official Enemy[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_158" align="alignnone" width="300"]The real target. The real target.[/caption]

It was after reading an article in the Guardian that the penny began to drop. It was Ian Black's piece from September5th “Bashar al-Assad's pitch for anti-Isis pact with west falls on closed ears” that especially caught my eye.
“Signals from Washington suggest the US, with Nato or Arab help, would not face insurmountable difficulties mounting air strikes against Isis in Syria. Experts say talk of a "formidable" air defence system is exaggerated. The fact that US special forces were able to infiltrate Syria by air this summer in an unsuccessful mission to free hostages suggests it is less than effective. And Israel, an intimate US ally, is likely to have real-time intelligence it would gladly share with the Americans. Syria also has a record of thinking carefully before retaliating.
Assad will not welcome US-led air strikes on Isis on either side of the now irrelevant border between Syria and Iraq – unless they form part of a western rapprochement with him. Attacks will strengthen his opponents because the jihadis now control territory seized from other Syrian rebels. But he may not be able to stop them. The Damascus regime "will continue to view (Isis) as a useful tool for its survival," argues the exiled Syrian commentator Hassan Hassan.”
What madness it seemed to me, to risk the lives of US soldiers and pilots despite the Syrian government offer of co-operation. Why deal with the “not insurmountable” Syrian Air Defence Systems of a state that welcomed your intervention?
Syria will help US fight terrorism, says Walid Muallem – YouTube
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw-w9YuhmYM&w=560&h=315]

and as far as the ridiculous conspiracy theory about the Syrians running IS. They should be consigned to the dustbin of history where they belong.
The Last Walk of Syrian Soldiers of the Tabaqa Airbase before Execution by ISIS
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRtpD8vTgyY&w=420&h=315]

Syria clearly remains a key Cabal target and the immediate underlying purpose of the War against the IS group may be the violent overthrow of the Assad Ba'ath party government in Syria.
It sounds ridiculous, it is so illogical, but this is how I fear they are edging towards playing this, and this explains the bizarre resort to blatant psychological operations in the West, especially considering the many very real crimes the group have committed/ against a variety of groups in Iraq and Syria.
This seems to be the best explanation for all the ridiculous hype, with the entire Global War on terror being relaunched with IS as the new Flag bearers of the “menace”. The possibility that these fake beheadings and relentless hype are in preparation for a False Flag attack attributed to the IS cannot be excluded but is highly unlikely. Obviously there are also many long term “police state and surveillance” goals that are also being served by this hype.
Another 911 is simply impossible in the newly diversified and hostile media landscape. Even relatively small events like Boston and Sandy Hook completely unravelled . The bigger and more complex the event the harder it becomes for psychological operations to succeed.
It is far more likely that this tool is going to be used to engage in a War against Syria, a war of absolute madness as even if they succeeded (highly unlikely given Iranian and Russian position) they would undoubtedly be destroying the modern Syrian state just as they have destroyed Libya and leaving groups of jihadists to vie for power, as is happening today in Libya. .
Through a couple of sneaky steps and a routine manipulation of the facts , the War against IS in Iraq morphs into a war against the IS in Syria, which soon morphs into War against the Syrian government. The only way it will be safe for our aircraft to bomb the IS in Syria therefore will be to bomb the Syrian Air Defence Systems, which means also bombing Military Command and Control Facilities, which morphs easily into simply trying to wipe out the Syrian Government from the air as they did successfully to the government of Libya. You add the leaders of the State to the target list, and eliminate them. The fact that Libya has genuinely descended into a Somalia style failed state apparently does not trouble these serial vandals and pathological arsonists.
Syria and Iraq.
So we have to establish the IS as the worst thing since unsliced bread, (or at least al Qaeda) We have to establish this brand as being an immediate threat to Westerners via the Western recruits and the hoax beheading films.
Once we establish the brand, we begin to attack them in Iraq. Not a concerted or intense campaign, just enough to prevent them holding or attacking specific areas (Mosul Dam and Irbil are the obvious examples) Iraq has been “done”, there is no state left to destroy. Iraq is the end product, the goal. A weak, chronically divided state . Iraq is only a means to another end now.
At some point you state that in order to really “end the IS threat” we will have to attack their Syrian strongholds also. It will then be decided that we the wonderful enlightened West cannot possibly co-operate with Syrian government who have actually been under severe jihadist attack via arms and fighters funnelled into Syria by the West and their allies over the past four years..
Four solid years of blatant propaganda cannot be left to waste. Therefore we must bomb IS in Syria and we must not co-operate with the “beastly” Syrian government despite their offer to put all that aside and work with us against the IS.
So using some sleight of hand and some liberally applied sophistry, the IS threat gets them to their long term goal. They came within days of achieving their goal of directing the US air force against Syria exactly a year ago. Hundreds of Syrian civilians were murdered in the false flag chemical attack that was used to achieve that. But they failed. The Russians outwitted them basically.
Syria's decision to dispose of it's entire Chemical weapons stockpile in return for not being bombed by the US didn't get Assad off the “list” far from it. It only saw Putin himself elevated to a more “urgent” position.
Two months after the al Ghouta false flag failed to get Syria bombed after Russian diplomatic intervention the protests begin on the Maidan in Kiev.

James Robertson.

David Cameron must 'consider cooperating with Syria' to crush Isis | Politics | theguardian.com
Do you support military action against Isis? | World news | theguardian.com
Bashar al-Assad's pitch for anti-Isis pact with west falls on closed ears | World news | The Guardian
Seymour M. Hersh · The Red Line and the Rat Line: Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels · LRB 17 April 2014

Scotland the Brave?

Scotland the Brave?
September 14th, 2014.
“The United Kingdom consists of 90,060 square miles. David Cameron has fought tooth and nail for one of them” (the City of London)
Ian Rankin (via Aangirfan)
The Scottish Independence vote is only days away. When I imagined this event I assumed that the debate would be primarily in Britain,that outsiders would not seek to exert influence on the outcome. This assumption has proven completely naive. . Beginning with the US President in June, a multitude of Western leaders down to the most pathetic and clueless sidekick. have been voluminous in their support for Scotland remaining in the UK. The fear campaign against Independence has been reduced to utter desperation in the past week as Scotland's exit from the UK suddenly emerged as a likely outcome of the referendum. The prospect of Scottish independence clearly fills the London establishment with horror, and a what began as gently cajoling, turned into a series of bizarre threats, from both the political and financial wings of the establishment.
Both the cajoling rhetoric and the threats should be seen as the ridiculous and desperate gambit of a frightened, morally bankrupt establishment pretending omnipotence. Their pathetic behavior has instead revealed the mental fragility and malignant desperation of people who know their time is over, but cannot ever admit so, even to themselves.
Scotland Has a Distinct Political Culture.
Scotland has a distinctive political identity. The evidence for this lies in the fact that the Political parties preferred by Scottish voters are different than the political parties preferred by voters in the rest of the UK. The Scottish parliament comprises 129 representatives. The parties of the current UK Governing coalition, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, currently hold only 20 seats of these 129 combined, just above 15% . The three major UK parties combined, adding British Labour's seats to the other two parties only reaches 44% of the seats. In the UK House of Commons, the same three parties hold more than 94% of the seats. These figures make it plain. here is a markedly different and distinctive political culture in Scotland compared with the rest of the UK.
Further to that, it is also clear that because of Scotland's relatively small proportion of the overall UK population (less than 10%) this distinctive political identity struggles to find expression in the UK Westminster Parliament where Scotland elects 59 of the 650 members.
These facts indicate that the Scottish independence movement is based in much more than jingoism or petty tribalism, but arises from genuine and long-standing differences in political culture that have led to the marginalisation of Scottish voters within the UK political system.
Another noticeable thing is that Scotland has a number of serious social and health issues exemplified by the fact that the life expectancy for males in the East End of Glasgow is thirteen years fewer than for males in Iraq.
One of the massive benefits of a “Yes” vote would be the fact that Scotland would be forced to take ownership and responsibility for the economic and social problems and their solution. No longer could the “Southern bastards” in London be blamed for Scotland's problems. The potential for liberation arising from this one simple fact is immeasurable in my opinion. There is the potential for the whole mentality of the Scottish nation to improve greatly on this basis alone. As an outsider it seems obvious that internal social attitudes and norms must be at least partially responsible for some of Scotland's social problems. With independence the debate as to culpability and responsibility will be ended and all the energy previously wasted used for more positive ends.
One of the many ridiculous myths perpetrated by New World Order advocates is that the bigger and more distant a Government is from the people, the more benevolent and competent it will be. This is quite obviously nonsense. In fact the greater the distance, (whether physical or psychological) between the Government and the people the less accountable or understanding the relevant issues.
A national Government based in Edinburgh will have an obviously stronger knowledge of local issues, greater incentive to meet the needs of the people and generally fewer barriers than exist between the people of Scotland and the London government. This is true anywhere on earth. We all know that people in San Antonio, Texas know and understand better the problems Texas and Texans face than Washington DC bureaucrats, no matter how competent or well intentioned, yet we are exprected to pretend otherwise. The citizens of smaller nations actually have an advantage in this respect. After all, in a nation of one million, each voter carries far more weight than in a nation of 100 million. When it comes to national government's it could be argued that smaller is better, other things being equal.
The questions that the Scottish people should ask themselves prior to voting are very simple. They are:”Is the status quo acceptable?” The answer to the first question is completely obvious. Clearly it is unacceptable that the life expectancy is 54 for men in parts of Glasgow. The second question must therefore be “Could we do better?"  People who answer “No” to the second questions, should logically vote “No” in the referendum. Those who answer yes should vote “Yes”.
Scotland's problems will not be solved by independence. Independence does however present the opportunity for Scots to assume responsibility and control of their collective future. What more could you ask for?
1978 World Cup,Archie Gemmill vs Holland
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyJTBrbPIHQ]

James Robertson.

Barack Obama suggests Scotland should stay in UK | Politics | The Guardian
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Ed Miliband reveals 'we'll put guards on Scottish border' if country backs independence | Mail Online
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Oops! They Hoaxed it Again!

[caption id="attachment_150" align="alignnone" width="300"]MI6 Chap and his Mossad pal, pose together on an unknown soundstage. MI6 Chap and his Mossad pal, pose together on an unknown soundstage.[/caption]

Oops They Hoaxed it Again!
Beheading Hoax Mk.2 Steven Sotloff.

There is a funny scene towards the end of the Monty Python classic “the Life of Brian”. A large group of prisoners on their way to crucifixion are greeted by a cheerful Roman soldier/bureaucrat, who greets the prisoners and instructs them, “Out of the door, line on the left, one cross each". One prisoner states “No, I am not sentenced to crucifixion, I'm was sentenced to freedom". The incompetent Roman bureaucrat has no idea the man is lying and says “All right them, off you go” Whereupon the man sentenced to crucifixion admits he has been lying, he too has been sentenced to crucifixion, the Roman bureaucrat scolds him lightly, they both laugh at the prank, and the prisoner resumes his place in the group of men about to be crucified. It’s a joke about bureaucratic incompetence and also peoples mindless subservience towards it. The reason the scene is funny is it's absurdity, it is ridiculous, no-one sentenced to be crucified who managed to talk their way out of it would ever possibly confess immediately and return to the condemned group.
The bizarre, absurd and fraudulent “beheading” videos of US journalists James Foley and now Steven Sotloff are truly Pythonesque in their absurdity.
Imagine the conversation.
IS jihad nutter enters the cell where captured US journalist is being held.
After greeting the prisoner and exchanging minor pleasantries, the British born jihadist nutter explains the unfortunate situation to the captured journalist.
“Your American government has disobeyed our orders to stop blowing our "brothers” up therefore, I am going to have to chop your head off on camera today in the hopes that the US government will discontinue Air strikes against the Caliphate,”
Captured US journalist. “Understood buddy, no hard feelings, is there any way I can help you blokes out with your propaganda message before you cut my head off?”
British Jihadist Nutter “As it happens mate, we have worked up a little speech we would like you to read for the camera, I have the script here, we think it's best if you can learn as much as possible before we go live. We will have cue cards, but it will be more natural if you can memorise it.”
Captured American journalist. “Not a problem, I will do my best, we will have takes available if I miss a line though buddy?”
British jihad nutter. “Multiple takes. Thank you for being so obliging in what must be an upsetting time.”
Captured US journalist. “Glad to be helpful buddy.”
British Jihadist  nutter “ Excellent, listen, I have a couple of things to do so I'll leave that with you and I guess I'll see you at the beheading.”
“OK pal, I will have this thing down. I am gonna nail this script down, I really want to do a good job for you guys.”
British Jihadist nutter. “Excellent” Departs.
These men are journalists, they are not complete fools, they would know that the US is never going to change what it does based on threats to hostages from Jihadists. They would know that the videos would have the exact opposite effect, they would galvanise the United States public against the “Caliphate” make the need to destroy them and attack them seem more urgent and be more popular.

One interesting thing about this rather dismal psychological operation, is that the creators of these fiascos clearly tried to learn from their mistakes in the Foley video.
There are some minor improvements. They clearly decided that the lack of wind noise in what purported to be a Video shot outdoors was a problem, so the Sotloff video has far more wind noise. They seem to have simply procured a more powerful fan and turned it up to it’s highest level. They also improved the “death shot”, producing a fake video (rather than simply a photo as in Foley video) purporting to depict the corpse of Sotloff with the head sitting on the top.

The immediate goal of these Videos and this group are fairly obvious. Raise the level of fear amongst Western civilians, destroy the social fabric of the Middle East, mimicking the Zionist movement with Neo-Bolshevik Sunni Extremists and rejuvenate and 'renew the narrative" of the Global War on Terror.

These monsters have been manufactured and they have been hyped, but many of their crimes are very real. The fact that these videos are not authentic does not change that fact.

The sad truth is that the "IS" group are the enemies of humanity, they need to be dealt with sooner rather than later, and I support all of the Military Operations being conducted against them, despite the cynical and dishonest nature of this psychological operation. The way the USA watched passively as the IS looted the Iraq Army weapons stockpiles is extremely suspicous, especially the way they were allowed to drive the hardware back to their Syrian strongholds.

It i9s time for the West to abandon the operation they have been conducting against the Government of Syria over the past four years. It has failed, it has been a fiasco and has only deepened the instability and chaos in this region for no tangible benefit.

There is no doubt the Ba'athist government in Syria has committed many crimes over the years, there is equally no doubt that the Syrian government is not Sectarian, represents stability and is vastly preferable to any of it's rivals in Syria. 

\Where the Neocons failed to get their War in Syria, they succeeded in Libya. Gaddafi, like the Ba'athists in Syria had many faults and committed many crimes, Libya is now a failed state. Revolution almost never achieves positive change, especially when it is violent. The people of the Middle East have suffered unbelievable torment and privation as a result of the deluded policy of chaos pursued by the West over the past decade. When things go wrong as in Libya, they simply walk away as if it had nothing to do with them. These policies are completely counterproductive and immoral and must end forever now.

The very idea that "We know best" is no more than an arrogant  delusion of the childish megalomaniacs of the Western think tanks.

Enough already.

James Robertson.

Sydney Hilton Bombing-the Accidental False Flag.

Accidental False Flag blamed on obscure Hindu Sub-sect Ananda Marga

[caption id="attachment_139" align="alignnone" width="300"]The truck. The truck.[/caption]

At 12.40 am on February the thirteenth, 1978, a bomb detonated inside the tray of a Sydney Local Council Rubbish Collection truck. The explosion killed three people, Council workers Alec Carter and William Favell and a New South Wales Police Officer Paul Birmistriw. ten others were wounded . The explosion occurred in George. St, in the Sydney CBD outside the Hilton Hotel during a meeting of the regional branch of the Commonwealth Heads of Government (Grouping of former British colonies) abbreviated as C.H.O.G.M. that involved the Prime Minister's of 12 nations.

[caption id="attachment_126" align="alignnone" width="300"]the Aftermath. the Aftermath.[/caption]

Historical context.
The Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and the “Special Branch” units of the State Police Forces (which operated as a proxy force for ASIO) were under an unprecedented level of scrutiny and criticism in 1978. An Inquiry into the South Australian Special Branch culminated in “The dismissal of the South Australian Commissioner of Police, Harold Hubert Salisbury, on 17 January 1978.” A similar enquiry was scheduled in New South Wales. . The Hope Royal Commission conveyed by a hostile Whitlam Labor Government had been scathing about ASIO, describing the Australian intelligence community as “ fragmented, poorly organised and co-ordinated, inadequately staffed and equipped and, in many cases, directed towards inappropriate goals.” The “inappropriate goals” remark alluded to the fact that Special Branch had been exposed as working on “dirt files” against individuals who would be better described as “politically liberal” rather than a genuine Security threat. Politicians Judges and Lawyers were amongst those targeted in these operations and the targeting of polite, bourgeois professionals resulted in much public outcry. The “Communist” bogey that sustained ASIO for the first decades of it's existence was beginning to fade. Saigon fell to the Communists in 1975 and the Domino effect was proven to be the childish and self serving “War party” fantasy it had always been.

Key Facts that make it fairly clear what really happened.

Accidental Detonation-No Evidence of Detonator.

The detonation of the device, coming as or immediately after the contents were emptied into the tray indicates that the detonation was accidental. The bomb went off due to compression or some other physical force applied to it by the emptying process. The people who planted the device did not detonate it. No evidence of any detonator has ever been presented.

[caption id="attachment_127" align="alignnone" width="300"]The Truck Driver Bill Ebb The Truck Driver Bill Ebb[/caption]

One bin in Sydney is prevented from being emptied.
According to Council Truck Driver Bill Ebb. The bin that contained the bomb was prevented from being emptied over he whole weekend by Police involved in the Security operation at the Hilton. This is literally the only bin in Sydney that has not been emptied during the weekend on specific instructions from the Security forces in the area.. As Mr Ebb relates “That bin was overflowing with garbage. I had been the first truck to get to that bin since the Friday morning I should imagine. I spoke to three drivers that would have been responsible for emptying that bin on the Saturday morning, the Saturday afternoon and the Sunday morning. On the three occasions they were told by the Police to “leave it and carry on”

[caption id="attachment_128" align="alignnone" width="300"]John Hawtin- An Honest Cop.  Former Sergeant John Hawtin- .[/caption]

Bomb warning call scrubbed from History.
The New South Wales switchboard received a bomb threat/warning that a device had been planted outside the Hilton. When the message did not reach the NSW police outside the Hilton, leading to a death and serious wounds, the call was scrubbed, new incident sheets, were produced for the night. Former NSW Police Officer John Hawtin elaborates”The Occurrence pad entry said that a Miss or Mrs Jones, had received a phone call from someone, at 12.32 I think, am (eight minutes prior to the blast) to say that a bomb had been planted in a bin outside the George Street entrance to the Hilton Hotel. Mr. Hawtin saw the Occurrence pad entry in 1981, by the following year however, when an Inquest into the deaths began, the Occurrence pad he had viewed a year earlier had been replaced. He describes the new pads as “Fresh, as if they had come straight from the mill.”

[caption id="attachment_129" align="alignnone" width="300"]Keith Burley of the Bomb Squad. Keith Burley of the Bomb Squad.[/caption]

Bomb Detection Squad Stand Down.
According to Keith Burley, a member of the Australian Army Bomb Detection Dog squad, “Approximately two weeks prior to the Hilton bombing, we (the Bomb Detection Squad) received information that we were put on standby specifically for CHOGM. We will have the operational team ready at all times and we were told to specifically train for letter bomb type devices. Late on the Thursday afternoon (February 10th- two days before the CHOGM meeting began).we got a phone call at the Kennels. stating that we were no longer required. Both the OC and myself tried to find out what was going on, because we knew that CHOGM was still going ahead,it hadn't been stopped. All we could determine was that the order came from Vic (Victoria) Barracks from a Security organisation somewhere.” Burley adds that he has no doubt whatsoever that this group would have detected the device.
Evidence Destruction.
The Australian Security State has never identified any salient facts about the device that exploded outside the Hilton.
“A year later, Detective-Sergeant Gibson from the NSW Police told an audience of international forensic experts that police had not determined the type of explosive used in the "bomb" nor how it was detonated.”
They have no idea what type of explosives were used. No idea what type of detonator(if any) was involved. They are in a state of complete ignorance about every aspect of the device. It doesn't make them look very clever when you think about it. Unless you take into account the fact that the remnants of the bomb were immediately dumped in landfill, like any other tray full of rubbish. Helpfully, no-one even thought to identify the area of the tip in which the rubbish along with all of the forensic evidence-had been dumped in the ground with all the other waste.
it’s rather hard to determine the details of an explosive device used in these circumstances. Whether this was done haphazardly or as the result of a deliberate cover-up (obviously the case) , this incident clearly involves the criminal destruction of evidence and in all likelihood also comprises “Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice” charges.
vlcsnap-2014-08-29-02h09m47s48"It's an odd one. I can't see an answer ... it's as if some gnomes and elves had removed the evidence", said Colonel Mackenzie-Orr, an Australian Army officer and former chief bomb disposal expert with the British Army in Northern Ireland.”
Farcical Investigation culminates in Dead End Inquest.
The investigation was the typical bizarre and inexplicable non-event that is so common with false flag attacks. One group emerged as the sole suspect within hours of the blast, According to former AFP Inspector Ian MacDonald the Ananda Marga group emerged as the sole suspect in the bombing an hour and several minutes after the event. The resources of the Australian state were directed towards amassing evidence against the three Ananda Marga members for more than a decade. When the desired evidence failed to emerge, it was manufactured by a succession of informants, the claims made by these informants are transparently false, are not corroborated by any known facts and should be treated with the contempt that a failed obvious frame up deserves.
The Inquest into the Hilton deaths marked a spectacular low point in this case. The Inquest was abandoned after the presiding Magistrate Justice Walsh deemed that the prima facie case against the three accused Ananda Marga members was so strong that to proceed with the inquest would jeopardise the Margis ability to receive a fair trial.
Justice Walsh's legal judgement turned out to be rather flawed in this matter, as No prosecutions proceeded in the wake of the Inquest, and within three years the accused Margis would be cleared and compensated for their imprisonment as part of another sting/frame, conducted by Richard Seery, the witness upon whom Justice Walsh's opinion rested.
Eleven years after the bombing, in 1989 two Ananda Marga members were prosecuted for the attack on the sole basis of evidence, including a self incriminating confession, provided by a transparent liar and fantasist named Evan Pederick. Although the prosecution was initially successful, the conviction of Tim Anderson was overturned by the Court of Appeals in 1991, which, rather than ordering a retrial,made a finding of Acquittal against Anderson, an unusually definitive finding.
The Ananda Marga were not involved in the Sydney Hilton Bombing nor any other terrorist attack. In the wake of the botched PR stunt, the Australian Security Services chose to frame the Ananda Marga group based on a conspiracy theory provided by the Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai who claimed to have been the target of an assassination attempt at the hands of the group. There is absolutely no possibility that the Ananda Marga had any involvement whatsoever, beyond being the utterly incongruous patsies chosen ipso facto by the desperate Security services. There was never any evidence of Ananda Marga involvement, beyond crudely manufactured nonsense fabricated by the transparent agents of the Australian Security services and repeated ad nauseum by the mindless and obedient Australian media

What the Evidence Indicates.
Elements of the Australian Security Services, chose the occasion of the 1978 CHOGM conference staged a multi-agency , security drill during the conference. At some point in the planning process, the security exercise morphed into a publicity stunt designed to promote the interests of the Security State. It was realised that in order for the PR stunt to be successful they would have to place real explosives at the scene and then “find” them and emerge as the heroic defenders of the realm. Vital in a world of multifarious threats and who should not face undue political scrutiny nor budgetary pressure. This was a prestige building and fund raising exercise. It seems the plan was to use the newly acquired bomb squad robot to detonate the device in the view of an adoring media and make the terror threat tangible to complacent Australians now that the “Revolutionary communist” threat had been exposed as a scam.

Media campaign.
Australia's major media sought to hype the terror nonsense and the Ananda Marga culpability line. In their typically shameless, lobotomised and venal manner. So committed to the Ananda Marga terror group trash that many still maintain this line today. The headlines speak for themselves.


[caption id="attachment_140" align="alignnone" width="300"]Murdoch papers knew exactly what to say. Murdoch papers knew exactly what to say.[/caption][caption id="attachment_141" align="alignnone" width="300"]Behold the Terror hype. From the very start. vlcsnap-2014-08-25-00h13m42s69 Behold the Terror hype. From the very start.[/caption]

Army Mobilised.
The other unprecedented event was that the Australian Government called upon the Australian Army to step in and provide security for the remainder of the conference. This entailed an operation that involved 4000 troops, checking every inch of railway between Sydney and Bowral for bombs, three hundred travelling on the Leaders train in the, and in truly farcical scenes, actually patrolling the streets of Bowral.

[caption id="attachment_136" align="alignnone" width="300"]Australian Army Counter terrorism Operation. Bowral, population 10,000 Australian Army Counter terrorism Operation. Bowral, population 10,000[/caption][caption id="attachment_135" align="alignnone" width="300"]Australian Army desperately search for non existent bombs on the line to Bowral Australian Army desperately search for non existent bombs on the line to Bowral[/caption]


The Sydney Hilton Hotel Bombing of February 13th, 1978 stands out as one of the most wretched bungles ever concocted by a Western Intelligence Agency. So crude and hapless was this operation that simply reading the Wikpedia article on the topic makes it perfectly clear what happened. The fact that three senseless deaths resulted from the incompetent shenanigans of the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and their NSW Special Branch colleagues assisted by elements of the Australian military is the only thing that prevents this from being an out and out side splitter of slapstick comedy. Along with the fact that no attempt was ever made to prosecute the perpetrators of what remains the most deadly terror bombing in Australian history.
        In fairness, it should be noted that this attack and the resulting casualties were not intended. No-one was supposed to be hurt by this operation which was clearly a pathetic publicity stunt from Australia's beleaguered and discredited internal Intelligence services. The only problem was that these Organisations completely lacked the competence and professionalism required to successfully conduct this psychological operation and fund raising drive, it went wrong, people died and a cover up of the crudest and most transparent nature was conducted and continues to this day.

In 1991 and again in 1995 both houses of the New South Wales State Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution calling for a fresh investigation into the bombing. The Federal Government refused to participate in any enquiry and that was the end of the matter. The Parliament openly acting against the interests of justice and the rule of Law in favour of the public image of the Australian intelligence institutions.
This was a petty attack in the annals of modern terrorism. The fact that this remains the most deadly bombing in Australia is true testament to the fact that the entire “terrorist threat” in Australia has been completely concocted and hyped to fulfil the needs of the Security state whose response to their Hilton blunder has been nothing other than the most shameful institutional cowardice imaginable by agencies who never hesitated to put their own interests ahead of Justice and the Rule of Law.

Selected Sources

The Salisbury Affair: Special Branches, Security and Subversion
Richard G. Fox
Monash University Law Review [VOL5. , JUNE '791

Sydney Hilton Hotel bombing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Hilton Hotel Bombing Inquiry Proposal - 21/09/1995 - NSW Parliament
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The Meaning of the Beheading Hoax.

[caption id="attachment_107" align="alignnone" width="300"]The MI6 chap and his CIA buddy on an Unknown Soundstage The MI6 chap and his CIA buddy on an unknown Soundstage[/caption]

The Meaning of the Beheading Hoax.
I loathe this type of material and never seek it out, only after it became obvious that the video did not depict a murder did I watch and download the so called execution video. I was astonished to discover that the “execution" video does not depict any actual violence or evidence of death, indeed the “money shot” in this evil snuff porn is a transparent fraud. It appears as though they have a CPR dummy with a couple of blood packs and heavy use of photoshop. The photograph of the dead James Foley is obviously manipulated at first sight, detailed analysis is not required, it's almost intentionally insulting.The video appears to have been created on a soundstage,and it must be assumed that Mr. Foley was not killed, because, if he had been killed their would be no need to photoshop the only image that depicts his beheadedness. A bloodied head is placed on a body, the body appears to be a dummy, the head is photoshopped, the body and the head are both without any signs of a neck. The neck has completely disappeared. At face value, it seems like the “executioner” is an actor, presumably but not necessarily working for British Intelligence. The same assumption is valid for Mr. Foley, he is almost certainly, 99.9999% a CIA operative.
British intelligence sadly actually have a history of manufactured beheadings, as they appear to be the authors of the Lee Rigby fake beheading street theatre of May 2013. (the Drummer Man Chris Spivey)


This video drives the point home really well.

James Foley FAKE Execution - Video Analysis Reveals the Truth
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdLbg8Vu6Gk&w=420&h=315]

I would not post this link if I thought there was any possibility anyone was actually hurt:
LiveLeak.com - James Foley : US Journalist James Foley Beheaded by ISIS militants | RAW VIDEO
A very good compilation of evidence is here:
Aangirfan: FOLEY IS FAKE
The criticism appears to be leading to fear from the opposition. Thus:
“Watching James Foley beheading video may be a terror offence, Met police warn | Mail Online”
'We would like to remind the public that viewing, downloading or disseminating extremist material within the UK may constitute an offence under terrorism legislation.'
Government sources today confirmed that David Cameron has seen a full version of the video following his return to Downing Street.
Presumably the Met will now proceed to caution Prime Minister Cameron, as he has been admitted to watch the video which “may constitute an offence under terrorism legislation.”



So we have another act of psychological warfare against the people of the West and the Muslim world. The operating assumption would be that the US, Israeli, British, French and probably many other Western intelligence agencies have been running the “Islamic State” operation all the way.
The bizarre paradox is that because the “Islamic State” group is being set up as the next patsy candidate for a massive attack in the United States, the right thing for the US military to do is to use their air-force to crush the group because it will vastly reduce the pool of patsies and make the false flag much harder to conduct.
The rational thing to do would be to try and end the Syrian Civil war through negotiations, give amnesty to the rebel fighters, stop the fighting and focus on the “IS” group, yet maniacal Neocons are actually trying to use the “IS” threat as a pretext to attack the government of Syria! It's astonishing. The naked psychosis of actually blaming the Syrian Government for the presence of fighters we and our allies in Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. armed and sent into their country is astonishing even by the standards of the serial liars of our controlled media.
Incredibly, CNN were actually caught running an “IS” psy- op in Ferguson Missouri, where protests continue and are meeting police state tactics almost a fortnight after unarmed black teenager Mike Brown was shot six times by a police officer, including an execution style sixth bullet fired into the teens head.
“ISIS IS HERE! CNN Caught Staging 'ISIS Psyop In Ferguson' #ferguson”
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqDgwoeIP0o&w=560&h=315]
The point is, that this group if left undefeated, will pose a grave threat, because they are the patsies, the loud mouthed “synthetic” Muslims framing themselves for whatever atrocity the “Secret Team” come up with next as the United States police begin to unmask themselves as the committed slaves of the New World Order. Obviously that is not going to be true of all, or even a majority of US police on an individual level. This is the institutional view, and subscription to these views are the price of joining the “new feudal enforcement” gangs.

There is some information that can be gleaned from this lie operation.
1. They are clearly working from a script, and on that script there are clearly a checklist of things they are going to do.
2. Given the consistent threats towards the USA, and frequent claims by the “IS” today to have fighters in the United States, along with the implicit threats from former Vice President Cheney of nuclear attack on the USA. There is an overwhelming likelihood- far short of certainty, that one of the items towards the bottom of the list is some type of “mega terror” attack in the United States.
3. This has in many ways been the year of the Trident. The trident on the Ukraine coat of arms.

[caption id="attachment_120" align="alignnone" width="215"]Ukraine Coat of Arms Ukraine Coat of Arms[/caption]

The  Trident of Malaysian Airlines.

[caption id="attachment_121" align="alignnone" width="287"]Malaysian Airlines Logo. Malaysian Airlines Logo.[/caption]

Three prongs, I think that there is a very strong possibility that they will not stop at two Malaysian Airlines jets this year.A "suicide hijacking" blamed on “IS” would make a fitting end to a year of terror attacks against the Malaysian flag carrier apparently motivated by rage at the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal findings of guilt against Israel for genocide made in November 2013.

        The findings were in relation to the Israeli supervised and conducted massacre of thousands of Arab civilians in November , in September 1982 in the Sabra and Shatila camps and a Beirut Stadium.
Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Why the Kuala Lumpur Tribunal’s genocide verdict against Israel sets a key precedent — RT Op-Edge

This will teach them to run their nasty and subversive little show trials telling the truths about Western crimes.
4. One target, a target that seems absurd in scale, but that does appear to have been foreshadowed, is the Hoover Dam. A more realistic target would be the Sears towers. This is pure speculation without solid foundation.
5. This group have already been used as a "false flag". The ISIS Israeli teen kidnapping responsibility claim indicates  that the “ISIS” device is being used by Israeli intelligence.. The evidence, albeit circumstantial, indicates that it was Israeli security forces who kidnapped and murdered the three young Israeli settlers. The Israeli police appear to have engaged in an obvious “stand down” when the attack happened, with the police operator dismissing the emergency call made by one of the teen victims was a hoax and ignoring it. No action whatsoever was taken for five hours after the distress call. Two interesting features of the phone call that stand out are that the kidnapper says to the hostages “get down, get down” speaking Hebrew.Another thing was that the sounds of gunfire were clearly audible on the recording of the distress call. A number of shots are fired and the teens are apparently murdered in the back of a car.” The Mossad Chief speculated about a near identical scenario only a week prior to the event. The incriminating Israeli numberplates were removed from the burned out vehicle that turned up out of nowhere and was said to have been used in the kidnapping and murder. So the ISIS claim of responsibility, when Hamas are the designated guilty party, and some part of the Israeli Security Structure are responsible is more than a little suspicious.
It appears not to be the Mossad Chief or that group but one of the internal agencies. There was an internal power struggle within the Israeli security apparatus, the kidnapping was a wicked riposte from the hard liners against the moderates who apparently included the Mossad Chief,
ISIS-linked Muslim group takes responsibility for kidnapping three teens, including one American, in Israel : Jihad Watch
6. The media are not hyping this group for fun, and the goal is much broader than a few air strikes in Iraq or Syria. If an attack is imminent, it is likely that “IS” fighters will begin making time and place specific threats. The New World Order don't want the police to fight the people. They want the people to cheer for and identify with the police state. Like they appeared to do after the Boston bombings They want the people to demand the police state.On;y terror can create the right mindset. It is all doomed,it's not going to work, but they are not about to lay down after so many decades of effort.
James Robertson.

Just Say Palestine.


Thursday August 14th,2014.

Palestine is a State that has legal standing. It exists today, submerged underneath the Greater Israel project in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and is imprisoned by the Zionists and their Egyptian lackeys in Gaza, but it exists.
Israel deserves the full apartheid boycott treatment. The BDS is a positive idea, ultimately, we need to press our Governments to implement a comprehensive Boycott of the Apartheid regime located in Palestine.
This seems like a difficult, even impossible task at this stage. Although it is worth noting that some small but important progress has been made with the British government poised to stop some Arms exports to Israel for the duration of the Israel/Palestine conflict.
UK government to block arms exports to Israel if military action resumes | Politics | The Guardian
Immense credit is due to the people of the UK.France and Germany and everywhere else for showing their opposition to the Gaza massacre marching in unprecedented numbers for justice and peace in Palestine. There were several crowds above 100,000 in London
England: 100,000 march in London for pro-Palestine rally

RAW: Thousands March In Free Palestine Protest, London 26/07/14

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRJNnrkM5tE]

and many much smaller marches and gatherings all over the world.

Pro Palestine Demonstration Canberra, August 2nd , 2014

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYsW_H41E-U]

The BBC was directly targeted by protesters, a rare moment of joy for me during this time of almost unbearable events in Gaza. Knowing that every time you went on the Internet or turned on the television you were likely to be greeted with the news of another atrocity, another hundred or more murdered by Supremacists. It really is good that it seems to be over.
The people of Palestine are still being killed by unexploded Israeli ordinance, six were killed by the botched dismantling of a bomb dropped by an Israeli F16 left six dead, pushing the death toll from the massacre to 1951 citizens in Palestine on the whim of the psychopath and serial war criminal Netanyahu.
As far as boycotting Israel on a personal level, I wouldn't really know where to start. I could stop reading Ha'aretz I suppose, but I like Ha'aretz, it's a pretty good newspaper,they have tried to resist the fascism.Any suggestions are welcome.
I tried to ignore the mainstream media coverage of the Gaza massacre. I have heard all their lies before and it's just too upsetting to hear them again. The actual events are upsetting enough without the absolutely pitiful scenes of feigned danger and anxiety in Israel. I didn't manage to avoid mainstream coverage of the massacre entirely, it was absolutely clear that they were repeating the same ridiculous and Apartheid serving trash they had learned by rote during the previous wars.
One thing I have noticed about our Western media over a long period of time is that they almost never, ever say the word Palestine. Palestinians? They say all the time, but they never say Palestine.
This is one small aspect of their pro Zionist psy-op and one tiny thing I would suggest that people should do in order to counter this, is to refer to Palestine, the citizens of Palestine, the people of Palestine etc as much as possible. Arch Zionists hate it they can't stand it, try as you will discover!

James Robertson

Pemex Bombing january 2013- a deep message from the dark Elite

Pemex Bombing January 31st 2013.
A Story that was (Mostly) Missed

Terror Bombing Slays 37 in Government OIL Headquarters

Mexican Government claims gas leak.

Evidence suggests otherwise.

August 13th, 2014.
As of 2007, Mexico was the sixth largest Oil producer and the tenth largest exporter of Oil.. The Mexican Oil business began imports in 1911. The industry was controlled by Foreign interests thr Royal Dutch Shell company foremost among them,until 1938, when Mexican President Lázaro Cárdenas intervened in the legal preceding by expropriating the oil industry and nationalized the petroleum industry, giving the Mexican government a monopoly in the exploration, production, refining, and distribution of oil and natural gas, and in the manufacture and sale of basic petrochemicals.

[caption id="attachment_68" align="alignnone" width="233"]Lazaro Cardenas-nationalized Mexican Oil.in the 1930's. Lazaro Cardenas-nationalized Mexican Oil.in the 1930's.[/caption]

The nationalization appears to have been successful, at least initially, “Between 1938 and 1971, Mexico's oil output expanded at an average annual rate of 6%.”
Although the industry was nationalized, the Government of Mexico set up a company named Pemex, in order to run the massive exploration and extraction operation.

[caption id="attachment_69" align="alignnone" width="225"]Pemex tower.(torres) Pemex tower[/caption]

Petróleos Mexicanos (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pemex)

"Pemex has a total asset worth of $415.75 billion, and is the world's second largest non-publicly listed company by total market value and Latin America's second largest enterprise by annual revenue as of 2009, surpassed only by Petrobras (the Brazilian National Oil Company) “ Pemex's “pays out over 60% of its revenue in royalties and taxes, and those funds pay for 40% of the federal government's budget. “
It is claimed that the Mexican Oil industry stagnated due to the Government of Mexico's over reliance on the revenue meaning the company lacked the funds to invest in new ventures. Allegations of corruption have been made about the company. Production has not surpassed a peak achieved in 2004 in subsequent years. A well as corruption within the company, it is alleged that over the past decade, organised crime groups in Mexico have begun to siphon off and steal oil pumped at remote locations, even going so far as to build their own “Siphon pipelines” it is alleged.

"Oil Theft is Big Business for Mexican Gangs - InSight Crime | Organized Crime in the Americas
"Theft from Mexico's state oil company Pemex appears to have shifted from a small-scale criminal nuisance into big business, with actors such as the Zetas and Sinaloa Cartel increasingly getting involved.

The oil company, which provides the Mexican government with roughly a third of its operating budget, has long been plagued by robberies. In the past, these were typically carried out by small-scale gangs or Pemex distributors, and would involve intentionally mislabeling gasoline products, or selling off gas siphoned from pipelines at below-market prices.
During the Calderon administration, however, both the type of robberies and the perpetrators have changed, as Proceso reports, based on an internal Pemex document. Today, crude oil is being stolen on a wide scale, and the groups behind the theft are not small-scale gangs or businessmen gaming the system, but rather criminal networks like the Zetas. Furthermore, instead of reselling the oil at Pemex stations, the criminal groups are exploiting their international reach to sell it on to US refineries."

[caption id="attachment_73" align="alignnone" width="300"]Felipe Calderon-ushered in a Dark era. Left office in 2012. Felipe Calderon-ushered in a Dark era. Left office in 2012.[/caption]

The Pemex company and the Mexican oil industry have been facing various “pressures” from different sources for some time. There is no doubt that part of this pressure is ideologically motivated. Pemex' asset worth of $415.75 billion is a slap in the face, indeed an insult to the NeoLiberal mindset that has dominated the West for the past 30 plus years, with the careers of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in power in the 1980's  providing a fairly accurate indicator of the time that proponents of NeoLiberal economics rose to power in the West.
Erika Johnson writing at Hot Air articulates this viewpoint.
Mexico’s oil industry is finally, mercifully ready to open for business
on June 8, 2014 by Erika Johnsen

“While the United States’ oil and gas industry has lately been going absolutely gangbusters, Mexico’s oil production has been declining over the past decade — and it isn’t very difficult to figure out why. The state-owned oil company Petroleos Mexicanos, a.k.a. Pemex, was founded in the 1930s and has precluded foreign as well as private investment into the development of Mexico’s considerable oil and gas reserves throughout most of its history. The prevailing populist/socialist-ish sentiment that tends to look on said foreign and private investment as little better than plunderage of The People’s natural resources has kept the industry from following in the United States’ footsteps, but as President Peña Nieto put it when signing the legislation removing these self-imposed economic shackles last December, “we’ve decided to overcome the myths and taboos to take a great leap into the future” — and that time is almost nigh.”

[caption id="attachment_74" align="alignnone" width="300"]Enrique Peña Nieto. alleged agent of the Shadow Government. Enrique Peña Nieto. alleged agent of the Shadow Government. Mexican President.[/caption]

Shannon Young of the Texas Observer offers a contrary view.

"American Media Misses the Story on Mexican Oil Reform - The Texas Observer
Shannon Young February 10th,2014."

Despite the promises that energy reform will unlock wealth for the benefit of the nation while lowering energy costs, many Mexicans are skeptical. Past moves to privatize the telecommunications sector, railroads and the Bank of Mexico did more to turn a handful of politically connected individuals into billionaires than benefit the average citizen.
The celebratory rhetoric in the U.S. press about energy reform failed to touch on what are key concerns for many Mexicans opposed to the de-nationalization of hydrocarbons reserves.
Foremost is the uncertainty around what could happen when the most profitable sector of the economy is opened up to foreign companies. Currently, most of the profits earned by Pemex go directly into national coffers, supporting the social safety net, education and middle class jobs in the public sector. Will the government be forced to take “austerity measures,” cut social spending and downsize its bureaucracy when part of the oil and gas profits flow toward foreign shareholders? If energy reform fails to produce the economic success its supporters promise, would its failure trigger a domino effect of wider economic collapse within Mexico?
Then there’s the issue of the rushed—and some would say undemocratic—way in which energy reform was passed. The legislation zipped through both houses of Congress and a majority of state legislatures over the course of just one week. Past attempts to open up Mexico’s energy sector had been stopped by well-organized opposition. This time, a legislative coalition including the country’s two largest political parties ensured easy passage of the reform, steamrolling the opposition and ignoring calls to put the controversial measure to a popular vote in a nationwide referendum.”
(That's how we like it, perfection!)
“Another issue is that some of the most significant oil and gas deposits are located in—or just offshore of—areas known in Mexico as zonas de silencio or silence zones.
In silence zones, organized criminals operate with little hindrance from local authorities; civilians face economic and physical violence; open criticism and adversarial journalism can be life-threatening; and impunity is systemic.
Residents of silence zones often regard organized criminals and local government authorities as different facets of the same power structure. This is particularly the case in the Gulf Coast border state of Tamaulipas, where organized criminals control many secondary roads to gas fields; fuel theft from state-owned pipelines is rampant; and stolen gas is sold openly out of the backs of vans in border cities like Matamoros, Rio Bravo and Reynosa.
Just how foreign companies will go about their business in oil and gas fields in territories with already entrenched armed actors is an open question. But experiences in Iraq, which de-nationalized its oil reserves after the U.S.-led invasion, have shown that some American energy companies are willing to do business in violence-plagued areas if the reserves and the potential gains from them seem to justify the risks.
The energy reform story is still developing. Mexico, plagued by corruption and an insecurity crisis, is embarking on one of the most controversial economic reforms in its modern history. In February, legislators will draft secondary legislation to nail down licensing and other details. No doubt there’ll be protesters outside the legislative chambers once again clamoring for a say in how the nation’s oil and gas wealth is administered and distributed..”

Over the past several years several rather strange disasters have beset the Pemex company, leading to a large number of deaths and injuries. To be honest I have looked at some of the refinery and pipeline incidents, and I can't provide evidence of lies or foul play in these cases. The Pemex Tower incident is another matter entirely. Hardly fits the description of a classic False Flag attack as there were no patsies. I think that indicates that the message was aimed at insiders. The general public were not the intended audience. It's an example of a terrorist attack that was covered up by a corrupt government intent only on serving their Globalist masters and lying to the people they are supposedly serving.

The Bombing.January 31st, 2013.
The Pemex tower in Mexico City was struck by a series of large explosions  at around 3.45 pm on January 31st,2013. (31113). Thirty seven people died and more than 100 were wounded. Three weeks after the event the Government of Mexico claimed that the explosion was the result of a methane gas leak ignited by an electrical fault in the Car park of the administrative Centre, a 17 floor building adjoining the 51 storey Pemex Tower.

They maintain this story today.
I came across this extremely illuminating piece  about this rather obscure (or so I thought) event.

and I'm almost disappointed. Dudley Althaus has understood and solved this almost six months ago. This is  quality stuff and I hope Dudley doesn't mind me reprinting some of his work.

“Pemex Blast Opens Questions about Mexico Govt Transparency - InSight Crime | Organized Crime in the Americas”by Dudley Althaus
Thursday, 21 February 2013
"Nearly three weeks after an explosion that killed 37 people and injured 100 more in the headquarters of Mexico's national oil company, Pemex, the public is far from learning exactly what was behind the tragedy. The government's opaque approach conjures up ghosts of other unexplained events and concerns about what may lie ahead.

Senior Mexican officials have blamed leaked gas -- maybe methane, maybe not -- and poo-poohed talk of a criminal or terrorist attack on the complex January 30 (sic). Even so, they did not allow foreign investigators near ground zero prompting some to speculate about the nature and source of the explosion.
They've also provided various scenarios but no solid evidence for their conclusions. Meanwhile, both the blast and the investigation have disappeared from headlines and airwaves,
Things happen, elicit moments of surprise and/or outrage and then fade. The Mexican public loses faith in ever knowing causes, ever trusting what information it's finally granted. As with Pemex's latest explosion, the factual fog spawns rumors, conspiracy theories and shoulder shrugs.
George Baker, a respected Houston-based energy analyst and Pemex watcher, has compiled some of the "counter narratives" explaining the blast making the rounds in the energy industry. They range from plots by unnamed gangster bands, guerrilla groups, or disgruntled employees, to an inside job aimed at destroying incriminating documents held in the damaged buildings.
The Zetas have systematically targeted Pemex for years. In addition to collecting extortion, they steal gasoline, natural gas and liquid petroleum, among other products, and resell these products in Mexico and the United States, costing the company an estimated $1 billion per year. (See InSight Crime map below, which charts attacks on Pemex pipelines registered in 2010). When they don't get their way, the Zetas have been known to kidnap workers.
There are also sticky legal issues swirling around the company connecting it to organized crime. One oil services firm, ADT Petroservicios, which allegedly laundered money for the Zetas, had millions in contracts with Pemex. The head of the company, Francisco Antonio Colorado Cessa, was arrested in 2012 in Texas, and the company was subsequently blacklisted by the US Treasury Department.
"Some asked, is a drug cartel warning the new government to keep its distance?" Baker wrote in a report on the blast for his website.
If a deliberate attack – with C-4 explosives, as some suggest – the Pemex explosion's real target likely was the Peña government, who like his recent predecessors hopes to reform Mexico's crucial yet stumbling energy industries.
Despite government denials, many believe such reforms aim to re-privatize a petrochemical industry whose nationalization 75 years ago remains a source of patriotic pride.
But beyond energy issues, Peña and his allies hope to change the conversation about Mexico – for the past six years dominated by gangland violence – to one of economic progress, social peace and competent rule.
That "Mexico's moment" narrative contends that the country's 115 million people are ready to realize their destiny as one of the world's leading economies and political powers. But the attempts to point to good news continues being overshadowed by both the criminal violence, which which has claimed 70,000 lives by one recent government estimate, and unresolved mysteries like the Pemex disaster. “

This is from CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.story, “Mexico oil firm blast death toll rises to 32 - World - CBC News”Feb 01, 2013
“The cause of the basement explosion in an administrative building next to the iconic, 51-storey Pemex tower in Mexico City remained a mystery, with President Enrique Pena Nieto urging people not to speculate. “ Later, “The explosion occurred at about 3:45 p.m., just as the administrative shift was about to end. It hit the basement and three floors, where as many as 250 people work, Lozoya said. The floors collapsed in the 14-storey administrative building at the headquarters office complex, where some 10,000 people work daily. Lozoya said about 1,700 work in the building affected. Pemex first said it had evacuated the tower and administrative building because of a problem with the electrical system. The company later tweeted that the Attorney General's Office was investigating the explosion..”
Here are a couple of eyewitness accounts of the Pemtex blast Before the Methane explanation story was imposed by the Mexican government. “Gabriela Espinoza, 50, a Pemex secretary for 29 years, was on the second floor of the tower when she said she heard two loud explosions and a third smaller one."
"There was a very loud roar. It was very ugly," she said.
Espinoza's co-worker, Tomas Rivera, 32, worked on the ground floor in the building where the explosion occurred and said the force knocked him to the basement, fracturing his wrist and jaw. The injured were taken to two Pemex hospitals and other facilities, including the Red Cross hospital in the Polanco neighborhood near the oil company's headquarters.”
Here is something telling, “Earlier in the day, Pemex sent out a tweet saying that the building was being evacuated due to a "problem with the electrical system" in the complex that includes the skyscraper “

I managed to find a number of Mexican television stories on the blast. Watching this video. Just the first 30 seconds. Clarified the situation.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPWjgwIetGo]
This footage really simplified things, because the film was being shot from at or near ground level, we are in office building, at or above ground level, we are not in the basement. Wounded civilians are present. It is absolutely clear that the ceiling cladding has been dislodged and blasted downward from above. The Government of Mexico have attributed the blast


“explosion occurred in the basement of a parking garage adjacent to the main office building. The blast caused the first two stories of the fourteen-floor Building B-2 to partially collapse. The cause of the blast was a gas leak that was ignited by an electrical fault “

How does event in a “parking garage.” possibly cause the first floor roofing to be buckled downwards while the floor underneath you is largely intact. An explosion has taken place in the office space, and that cannot be the result of a methane blast in a basement car park in my opinion.

[caption id="attachment_75" align="alignnone" width="300"]Bomb impact has come from above. Bomb impact has come from above.[/caption][caption id="attachment_77" align="alignnone" width="300"]Decide for yourself whether Methan eexplosions skip floors. Decide for yourself whether Methane explosions skip floors.[/caption]

vlcsnap-2014-08-13-19h36m56s67 vlcsnap-2014-08-13-19h37m06s148 vlcsnap-2014-08-13-19h37m41s21
As to the perpetrators? I wouldn't care to speculate, beyond the fact that the group involved must have a lot of clout within the Mexican government, is part of a larger network of Transnational organised crime, and is fanatically devoted to the NeoLiberal economic model and to stomping all who stand in their path. I guess that “Shadow government” is the best term I can conjure. One thing this story does highlight in my opinion and an important thing some people including myself often overlook, is that many, many of the World's government's have been infiltrated by this network. If you focus solely on the USA United Kingdom, France, Israel Canada and Australia etc, you miss the vital fact that they are in Turkey, they are big in Indonesia, big in Mexico, in China and Russia,
These type of attacks are best interpreted as quite simple “deep messages” in my opinion.  I don"t know what the precise message of this attack was of course, but I would suggest that it was something like.”If we don't get the energy policy we demand, bad things are going to keep happening, and no-one in Mexico will be safe. We can get away with anything. "

I guess one question is:Why did the Mexican government lie about this event? What is their motive? The  answer to this question is unknowable, but it seems safe to assume that elements within the Mexican government are formal or informal operatives of the group that actually conducted the attack. One group has the task of attacking the building with explosives, another is tasked with lying about it, finding a patsy if one is required etc. Both are employees of the same network.

The Oil executives and the Politicians were the intended audience, along with the people of Mexico. This is only one tactic in a broader war, most of the war is never seen, it involves information and presumably bribery. Threats and ultraviolence are still occasionally required , it seems. While the exact shape of the Mexican energy reforms is yet to be mapped out, the Dark elite have achieved their policy goal.

lAlberto de la Fuente, president of Shell Mexico, major operator in Mexico prior to nationalization, offered these revealing remarks to Reuters on February 13th,2013, a fortnight after the Pemex attack.

Mexico nationalized its oil industry in 1938, and deep reform would require changes to the constitution.
"The more open the regime that's proposed, the broader and deeper the reform," de la Fuente told Reuters in an interview this week. "Without a doubt that will attract more investment to Mexico. In that sense, a constitutional reform would surely bring more investment," he said.
New President Enrique Pena Nieto of the centrist Institutional Revolutionary Party has said energy reform aimed at luring private capital will be a top priority this year. Mexico's government relies on oil revenues to fund about a third of the federal budget, and the heavy tax burden has limited Pemex's ability to fund new projects and raise output.
I do believe that Mexico should hurry up," de la Fuente said, adding that if reforms are delayed for years the country's energy wealth could be squandered if energy prices fall."

The phrase they really love to repeat, and will use in reference to every nation on the earth is >open up to foreign investment. " Every nation must "open up to foreign investment."We hear this phrase time and again like a mantra. You must open up to Foreign investment. It sounds reasonable enough, but what does it really mean? What are the actual implications of this doctrine, this dogma? In my opinion it simply means that the world's Oligarchs should be able to buy anything anywhere without interruption from either individual or National sovereignty.That the interests of an individual or nation should never be allowed to become an obstacle in the quest of certain elements within the Financial services. Energy and Arms Industries to control the whole world through debt, lies and violence. The world is a place where the Oligarchs exercise the power they deserve by virtue of their intellectual superiority and ruthlessness.   They use persuasion, and when that fails, they make their feelings more plainly known, with massacres such as the bombing attack on the Pemex building of  2013.They are just a better connected group of mobsters in my opinion.
. Hopefully at some point in time the people of Mexico will demand the truth from the Mexican Government regarding this atrocity.

James Robertson.