Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Just Say Palestine.


Thursday August 14th,2014.

Palestine is a State that has legal standing. It exists today, submerged underneath the Greater Israel project in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and is imprisoned by the Zionists and their Egyptian lackeys in Gaza, but it exists.
Israel deserves the full apartheid boycott treatment. The BDS is a positive idea, ultimately, we need to press our Governments to implement a comprehensive Boycott of the Apartheid regime located in Palestine.
This seems like a difficult, even impossible task at this stage. Although it is worth noting that some small but important progress has been made with the British government poised to stop some Arms exports to Israel for the duration of the Israel/Palestine conflict.
UK government to block arms exports to Israel if military action resumes | Politics | The Guardian
Immense credit is due to the people of the UK.France and Germany and everywhere else for showing their opposition to the Gaza massacre marching in unprecedented numbers for justice and peace in Palestine. There were several crowds above 100,000 in London
England: 100,000 march in London for pro-Palestine rally

RAW: Thousands March In Free Palestine Protest, London 26/07/14

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRJNnrkM5tE]

and many much smaller marches and gatherings all over the world.

Pro Palestine Demonstration Canberra, August 2nd , 2014

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYsW_H41E-U]

The BBC was directly targeted by protesters, a rare moment of joy for me during this time of almost unbearable events in Gaza. Knowing that every time you went on the Internet or turned on the television you were likely to be greeted with the news of another atrocity, another hundred or more murdered by Supremacists. It really is good that it seems to be over.
The people of Palestine are still being killed by unexploded Israeli ordinance, six were killed by the botched dismantling of a bomb dropped by an Israeli F16 left six dead, pushing the death toll from the massacre to 1951 citizens in Palestine on the whim of the psychopath and serial war criminal Netanyahu.
As far as boycotting Israel on a personal level, I wouldn't really know where to start. I could stop reading Ha'aretz I suppose, but I like Ha'aretz, it's a pretty good newspaper,they have tried to resist the fascism.Any suggestions are welcome.
I tried to ignore the mainstream media coverage of the Gaza massacre. I have heard all their lies before and it's just too upsetting to hear them again. The actual events are upsetting enough without the absolutely pitiful scenes of feigned danger and anxiety in Israel. I didn't manage to avoid mainstream coverage of the massacre entirely, it was absolutely clear that they were repeating the same ridiculous and Apartheid serving trash they had learned by rote during the previous wars.
One thing I have noticed about our Western media over a long period of time is that they almost never, ever say the word Palestine. Palestinians? They say all the time, but they never say Palestine.
This is one small aspect of their pro Zionist psy-op and one tiny thing I would suggest that people should do in order to counter this, is to refer to Palestine, the citizens of Palestine, the people of Palestine etc as much as possible. Arch Zionists hate it they can't stand it, try as you will discover!

James Robertson

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