Tuesday, October 28, 2014

the Death of Abdul Numan Haider :Teen Jihadist killed by Police After Alleged Knife Attack

[caption id="attachment_226" align="alignnone" width="584"]The schoolboy Abdul Numan Haider The schoolboy Abdul Numan Haider[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_227" align="alignnone" width="650"]Abdul Numan Haider Pretending to be a Jihadist fighter in Suburban Melbourne. Abdul Numan Haider Pretending to be a Jihadist fighter in Suburban Melbourne.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_223" align="alignnone" width="692"]Endeavour Hills Police Station Endeavor Hills Police Station[/caption]

Thursday Spetember 25th.
Naive 18 year old shot by Police marks first local “War on terror” death. A grim milestone and a family tragedy.
Police claim two officers were attacked by Abdul Numan Haider, 18 with a knife, before police shot the young man outside a police station.
Tuesday September 23rd saw the first Jihadist terrorism related death ever to occur in Australia after a naive 18 year old named Abdul Numan Haider was shot by a Victorian police officer after having apparently/allegedly stabbed two police officers.
The deadly encounter took place outside the Endeavour Hills police station in Melbourne's East. Police had requested an interview with Mr. Haider apparently due to his recent brandishing of an IS flag at a shopping centre and posting online a photo of himself wearing a mask brandishing the IS type flag. Although given the mask it could be anyone.
According to the police this mild interest in Mr. Hider led them to attend Mr. Haider’s residence on Tuesday, during the day, Mr. Haider was not home, but they entered and had a look around. Mr Haider was contacted by phone and requested to attend Endeavour Hills police station for a chat.
According to the media, Mr. Haider was agitated prior to attendance at the police station, he was angry and his parents urged him not to go, he drove his vehicle, (a Brown Tarago) parked it at the Child Care centre across the road from the Police station . Haider is then supposed to have phoned the police and requested to meet outside the station. They agreed. The Victorian police officer held his hand out and Haider produced a knife apparently, stabbed the Victorian police officer in the arm before launching into a violent knife attack on the Australian federal Police Officer, stabbing him we are told in the head and chest, before the Victorian police officer produced a fire arm and shot Mr. Haider to death. That was the story until this morning the police began to mention that someone else may have been in attendance, some sort of handler.
The Victorian police officer appears to have been lightly wounded, the AFP officer appears to have been wounded seriously and has been described as being in a stable condition. I hate to be melodramatic and buy into the psyop but, it seems that we are on the edge of a precipice and we need this deeply unfortunate chain of events to end with this single tragic death.
Obviously, Western nations have done a lot of evil things in the Middle East over the pat decade. If you would look at the details of September 11th and other terrorist atrocities, you would understand that these crimes were fake terrorism, augmented by and sometimes conducted solely by Westerners, in order to justify the Wars and t w polkice state measures.. So if you want to oppose the Wars, the last thing you would ever do if you thought about it would be to take actions that actually add to the justifications for the wars. You don't fight evil with evil.
Nothing will be achieved by any violent attack in Australia, whether against civilians police or military targets. Australia has little influence anyway, but the actions would only feed Islamophobia and social division and achieve nothing but more support for the wars.
Last weeks raids did seem a little over the top, but ultimately one person was slightly hurt after a police officer punched him in the face. It was hardly a major crime demanding retribution. It is as if we are slipping into an unpleasant twilight zone, a parallel world of madness, ignorance and paranoia. Hopefully they can get their new police state measures, nothing else will happen and we can move on. AFL Grand Final week has been totally blighted by the ongoing threat hype and fear mongering. According to News Limited paper the Daily Telegraph imminent attacks are planned against numerous targets. Police admit the capacity is not there. The media persist.
James Robertson.

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